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Listed below is your team’s Match Day 1 (MD1) NY Cup game, along with the opposing team’s contact information*.

Home team coaches are responsible for providing the mutually agreed upon GAME DATE with the visiting coach to their field coordinators no later than the deadline date of October 19th.

The designated weekend of play for this MD1 game is November 4-5, 2017. Yet, MD1 games may be played on a mutually agreed upon weekend date between November 4-December 3, yet be sure to avoid conflict with your NYCSL league game, if you participate. Your MD1 game may be played on a weeknight only by mutual consent. MD2 & MD3 games will be played on the designated weekend in the spring (MD2: March 17-18, 2018, MD3: March 24-25, 2018).

Please do NOT include the league on any scheduling communications between both teams, yet do reach out if teams require assistance in reaching a mutually agreeable date

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